Learning English in Cusco

Studying English in Cusco's Maximo Nivel

More and more you will see people in Cusco working to learn English. In our city there are various institutions that teach this language, such as Maximo Nivel, the Centro de Idiomas, the ICPNA, and others. All of them are good and have excellent teams of teachers.

Unlike the others, Maximo Nivel relies on native speakers of English.

Many people have decided to study at Maximo Nivel, located on the Sun Avenue, because their classes are full immersion. They are carried out completely in English. Because of that the students can obtain good pronunciation of sounds and words that are difficult for us.

I am one of those who study in Maximo Nivel. I am in the intermediate level. When I first went to class it was frightening. Not just for me but for all my classmates because we had just barely taken our seats and the teacher started speaking to us in English. At first we were frozen in our seats. Then we looked at each other with out knowing what to do. It was scary for me. The next day I did not want to go to class but I had to. With the passage of days, without intending to, my classmates and I were getting more and more of the language.

Cusco's Maximo Nivel
Cusco’s Maximo Nivel

Most of us try to translate the words from English to Spanish. Many teachers have told us not to and that the words to not match up exactly. Still, we continue to do so because it is one of our principle tactics for learning the language.

The teachers at Maximo Nivel are a lot of fun and they all have almost the same way of teaching. They make mimes and games. They also draw on the blackboard when someone cannot understand a word. Each day they teach us various things. We do not manage to understand them clearly and, as a result, must find other means of learning outside our classes in order to understand better.

A Teacher and Students in Cusco
A Teacher and Students in Cusco

In my opinion, both Spanish and English are difficult to learn. Each has its hard parts. Just looking at these two quite different languages I can see that Spanish has more times you need to use, such as conjugations, while English has more bound phrases you need to memorize.

English is a difficult language to learn but not an impossible one. Many people, including me. are trying to learn it. This is just a small tale about my experience learning this language.

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