International Worker’s Day

Celebrating the Worker's Day with Great Food

Every May first we celebrate Worker’s Day. It honors the people who work in every job life demands of us. Whether public or private institutions, family businesses, on this day they all enter in feast.

On this May 1st institutions close since this is a government declared holiday. A few days before the schools carry out performances in honor of workers. Other businesses motivate their workers with lunches, dinners, and more, so that they will continue working throughout the rest of the year.

In Cusco it is celebrated in a different way. For this day families realize a banquet at home with typical foods, be they guinea pig, lechón (roast pork), chicharrón (crispy fried pork), etc. Instead of celebrating alone, people share the celebration with their family and make this part of their lives.

Of course, on this day, come people cannot rest, such as taxi drivers, people who work in stores, public transport workers, and more. Even though it is a holiday that does not mean that people do not need all the ordinary services and so many service workers must celebrate by working.

On this feast day, there will be celebrations such as the Beer Garden or the Uriel Garcia School Coliseum. In these events you will find invited singers and bands so that workers can enjoy in music and dance.

It is great to spend the day with your family and your friends, enjoying a traditional meal, a glass of chicha, or a pair of beers, remembering and sharing everyone’s anecdotes and experiences, and—along the way—honoring Worker’s Day. In any case we shall enjoy this great day to the fullest.

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