Changing Weather in Cusco

Cusco surprises more than one person. After having lived extraordinary fiestas in the month of June and July almost without rain, suddenly in July strong rains begin to fall over the city in the morning watering everything.

For several days the rains stick around provoking an intense cold in the city. On awakening and seeing everything wet people wonder why it rained since it is not the rainy season.

People feel a bit confused but, despite the cold, they continue with their normal activities until someone talks and says that these rainfalls are called “cabanillas”. They say these storms are an alert that advises people there will be a change in the weather. Since July is the month of frosts they say that in August the weather will be dry and there will be lots of wind.

Not many people pay attention to the weather changes in the city of Cuzco. As a result, these rains are a way of seeing and preparing to live in the new weather regime.

The cabanillas tend to fall in the first and last days of June. Some times they are strong and other times they are just a light mist.

Just as we will say good bye to the month of frosts we will also bid farewell to the delicious frozen potatoes, papas heladas, which are made in the higher parts of our city.

We now enter into the time of strong winds and dry climate which August will bring us. During this month the winds will blow strongly and the famous kits of Cusco will dance in the air.

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