Botanical Garden of the Plaza San Francisco, Cusco

Not far from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco is Plaza San Francisco. This Plaza is very crowded and every day thousands of people walk around and in it without realizing how valuable it is.

Quite apart from its historical value and its location, it has a splendid botanical garden where you can find a collection of native plants of the Andes which have medicinal properties and still keep secrets of our ancestors.

You can clearly see the different areas within the square that have trees, shrubs, small plants. All of these are detailed with their common and scientific names.

The plants that attract attention are the Q’antu, called the national flower of Peru and also known as the flower of the Inca, the Qeuña one of the plants that gives off its bark and which helps the earth to be more fertile, Hawanq’ollay gigantón one of the plants used since past times to wash the wool and in many cases the hair of the maidens.

You can also many other plants with different properties, here we will give a list of plants that grow in the Botanical Garden of San Francisco Cusco.

Jardin botanico, plaza San Francisco
Jardin botanico, plaza San Francisco (GOB)

1. Paqpa (Agave Cordillerensis)
2. P’ata kiska (Austrocylindropuntia Subulata)
3. P’ata kiska (Austrocylindropuntia Exaltata)
4. Tuna (Opuntia Ficus-Indica)
5. China Hawaq’collay (Corryocactus Erectus)
6. Hawanq’ollay giganton (Echinopsis Cuzcoensis)
7. San Pedro (Echinopsis Pachanoi)
8. Llaulli (Barnadesia horrida)
9. Chinchirkuma Flor del Inca (Mutisia Acuminata)
10. Ch’impu ch’impu (Fuchsia Boliviana)
11. Yacon (Smallanthus Sonchifolius)
12. Awaymantu (Physalis Peruviana)
13. Rocoto (Capsicum Pubescens)
14. Palta (Persea Americana)
15. Qeuña (Polylepis Racemosa)
16. Asnaqsach’a (Solanum Maturecalvans)
17. Upa T’ankar (Dunalia Obovata)
18. Uña de Gato (Mimosa Revoluta)
19. Tayanca (Bacharis Odorata)
20. T’ankar Kiska (Lycianthes Lycioides)
21. Cheqchi (Bérberis Boliviana)
22. Kiska Molle (Schinus Microphylla)
23. Q’eswa Ch’eqche (Berberis Commutata)
24. P’ispita(Acalypha Aronioides)
25. Kantu (Cantua Buxifolia)
26. Asnaqsach’a(Solanum Maturecalvans)
27. Wayruro Cusqueño (Citharexylum Herrerae)
28. Ch’illka (Baccharis Latifolia)
29. Roque (Colletia Spinosissima)
30. Lloque (kageneckia Lanceolata)
31. Tara (Tara Spinosa)
32. Chachacomo(Escallonia Resinosa)
33. Molle(Schinus Molle)
34. Yuraq Campanchu (Brugmansia Arborea)
35. Kampanchu Floripondio (Brugmancia Arborea)
36. Ñiwa (Cortaderia Nitida)
37. Cedroncillo(Aloysia Fiebrigii)
38. Cedroncillo(Aloysua Scorodonioides)
39. Unka (Myrcianthes Oreophilla)
40. Intimpa (Podocarpus Glomeratus)
41. K’usmayllu (Cestrum Conglomeratum)
42. Aliso Lambran (Alnus Acuminata)
43. Ch’illka (Baccharis Latifolia)
44. Sauco(Sambucus Nigra)
45. Asnaq Mutuy(Senna Multiglandulosa)
46. Paqpa (Furcraea Andina)
47. Ch’iri Ch’iri(Grindelia Boliviana)
48. Yawar Ch’onka (Oenothea Rosea)
49. Apu Tocto (Stenomesson Miniatum)
50. MichiMichi (Hesperaxiphion Herrerae)
51. Chachacomo (Escallonia Resinosa)
52. Harawishka(Jacaranda Acutifolia)
53. Huaruma (Delostoma Integrifolium)
54. Waranway Q’ello(Tecoma stans var. Sambucifolia)
55. CHINA MOLLE (Schinus Pearcei)

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