Allegorical Floats,the Diego Quispe Titio School of Fine Arts Parades Today

Machu in the Parade (David Knowlton)

The third week of June the city of Cusco dresses in joy and its people know it. From the smallest to the oldest its people parade in multicolored dances around the Plaza in salute to the city which saw their birth.

To end that week, the School of Fine Arts, Diego Quispe Tito, carries out a parade with enormous allegorical floats made from diverse materials and, more than anything, from the creativity of the students.

This year the theme of the floats is “Lo Andino”, the Andean and it is directed by Professor Marco Antonio Luque who is the supervisor of the ninth cycle of students in restauration in the same school.  The students began the arduous work of their allegories with welding, wood work, paper work, and much more.

In this way, the whole Marques Street in the City of Cusco became a runway for the enormous allegories situated there awaiting their entrance to the main Plaza of the city. With drums and cymbals each of the floats made their entrance in plain view of all the people who have attended this day to see the work the students performed.

As a result, the School of Fine Arts, Diego Quispe Tito, also makes its salute to the City of Cusco in its fiesta.  Below we have a video which will detail the parade of the allegories.

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