Youtube Go: The New App to Watch Videos

For many people today in Cusco watching Youtube videos is one of their preferred pastimes. What happens, though, if we are not connected to a WiFi network? How much data do you consume just watching a video? There are some of the questions that we had. They have now been answered with Youtube Go, the magnificent App that permits us to save on data use.

Youtube Go is a new application from Youtube (which belongs to Google) that has recently been released in India. It was created with the purpose of permitting us to download videos from Youtube so that you can watch them without any need for an ongoing internet connection.

Youtube Go
Youtube Go

Besides downloading and watching videos, Youtube Go permits transferring the videos through Bluetooth technology so that out friends and family members can enjoy the same content as us.

Because of the sever problems of connectivity that are faced in some countries, such as India, the engineers at Youtube have decided to bring out this magnificent application as a solution to this problem. It is very useful since some countries have limited coverage and data connections that leave much to be desired.

This application is very simple to use. In we find a browser, an opening screen where they application shows us the most popular videos and those that might interest us. We also have a screen that shows us all the videos that we have saved to be watched offline.

It also permits us the option of choosing the quality in which we reproduce the video by streaming, as well as the quality in which we download our videos. We can also see a preview of the videos in minature in order to know what they are about without having to download them.

Even though Youtube Go was developed for India, it is hoped that its release will get to other countries of America and Asia where the costs of data usage are not very accessible and where there are not good connections to the internet.

Youtube Go will be a tremendous success as time goes on. Pay attention for any information about this application to know if it is available in your country.

What do you think about Youtube Go? Do you think it will be useful for your daily needs? Would you like it to appear beyond India? Please share with us your comments.

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