You Too Can be Part of This Great Effort to Warm Up More Than 3,500 Families and Help Them Cope With Climate Change

Our brothers and sisters from different regions have been fighting the cold wave that plagues our country. The cold season came very strongly this year to the high Andean areas of Peru which have been hit by intense frost and snow.

At a national level, the news reports dozens of deaths and thousands of new patients.

This year the cold is devastating, the most affected regions are highlands of Cusco, Ucayali, Puno, Loreto and Lima.

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According to SENAHAMI ( the National Weather Service) , low temperatures will continue in the following days and conditions of up to -20 degrees Celsius are expected in Puno and other regions of the south.

If the government does little or nothing, we still should all help these children. It gives me pain to know that they are dying or that they are suffering. Many of the media, social groups are coming together to carry out aid campaigns.

One of the problems is that there are no decent health facilities in those areas. Sometimes they have only one nurse. There are no medicines, doctors, or equipment. Children die and the vast majority are suffering without receiving any help.

The main cause of death in children and the elderly is pneumonia, flu syndrome, and severe acute respiratory infection.

A few days ago a video was viralized throughout the nation. This is of a child from Huacahuasi of the Urubamba province in the region of Cusco, where he directly asks for help for his community from President Martín Vizcarra. In the testimony the little one in the cold and the snow wearing his ponchito says “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I ask President Martín Vizcarra to support us in the high Andean areas, I am going to ask that they even bring blankets for the areas where there is frost and snow ”

There are countries where the cold is more intense, even snow; governments educate families to have a special type of winter coat such as a coat, scarf gloves, shoes, able to face extreme weather and special protection for their animals. Education, and budget (money) well used is important.

We can all put in a bit to help. So let’s join the campaigns from wherever they are, go to the collection points with warm clothes, blankets, personal hygiene supplies, shoes for children and adults.

We are here to help!

You too are part of this great collection to warm up more than 3,500 families and help them cope with this climate change.

What do our brothers need ?:

-Winter clothes
-Chompas (sweaters)
-Chalinas (scarves)
-Shoes for children and adults
-Frazadas (blankets)
-Hygiene kit: toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, shampoo.

Donations will go to the most affected cities.

Here are collection points here:

References sources: La República, Diario Correo

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