Yesterday, March 19, the international artisan’s day was celebrated in Cusco

Yesterday, March 19, the international artisan’s day was celebrated. It is a date that coincides with the Catholic celebration of Saint Joseph’s Day. He was Mary’s husband and had the trade of carpentry and was considered an artisan, since he created with his hands. Like him, there are thousands of artisans who create different types of art, such as paintings, writings, works in silverware, woodwork, stone and many others. Thr use of the hands is the key to makinh unique creations which allow usto maintain culture in our community, region and country.

In honor of this day the Municipality of Cusco invited artisans to exhibit their works on March 20, 21 and 22 in the main square of Cusco and in other nearby squares. There visitors can appreciate the historic balconies and the different jobs that the artisans do in their workshops, these artisans have their own production workshops and they have information that they give to the visitors and the general public so that they can visit them, see, and buy their works.

According to the report of theMinistry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), in Peru there are 76,085 people dedicated to this activity registered in the National Crafts Registry (RNA), of which 74% are women.

“When you buy something beautiful by hand, you do not just buy an object, you buy a piece of the heart, a moment in the life of the person who makes it” … Anonymous.

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