Yellow Brings Hope and Changes All

Yellow Confetti (Mistura) in the Air (Photo Wayra)
Yellow Confetti (Mistura) in the Air (Photo Wayra)

Christmas is gone and now we celebrate New Years in the round of celebrations that makes our years pop with joy. In this fiesta we put behind us all that we lived this last year and carry out various traditions often called cábalas (a word related to kabbalah). One of those is to use the color yellow. It is common to relate the new year to this color. The custom has been around for a long time and it has become one everyone does.

Piñatas, sombreros, glasses, underwear, confetti, and many other objects, all in yellow, give a beautiful glow and a golden tone to this fiesta of year’s end.

Young and old can look charming in hats of yellow to which they add yellow glasses to welcome the New Year, whose number will figure on the frames of the glasses. Fresh and with much joy people will wander from place to place while awaiting the New Year.

As is common, yellow underwear can be found in all the clothing stores of our city. There are different models, sizes, and prices. You can find them for every taste. They are set out carefully and attractively in order to draw in clients. The salesmen know that it is a custom to wear yellow on New Years Eve. For that reason they bring in a great quantity of merchandise hoping to sell it. But if midnight comes and they have not sold it, they drop the prices precipitously in order to sell everything. The merchants do not want to be left with anything that is yellow since this color is common only for New Years.

Yellow Confetti Ready for New Years
Yellow Confetti Ready for New Years

Yellow confetti also has a role in this feast. It is a typical color that will shine from every corner whether inside or outside, around homes, store, and commercial centers. It also adorns people’s hair. Exactly at midnight, when people receive the New Year, when they hug the person next to them, people grab a little bit of confetti in their hands and gently place the confetti on each other’s heads to wish them a happy New Year.

It is a new beginning, a change of energy and an opportunity to leave behind everything that was bad in the prior year. Everything changes with yellow.

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