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Whiskey Made From Peru’s Purple Corn

News of an innovation that is going around the world calling all whiskey lovers. It is the “Black Whiskey” that has a great peculiarity. It is made with grains of purple corn and has just been launched.

The idea was born from the American Michael Kuryla who was delighted by the various flavors that exist in Peru, especially in the Andes where the chicha de jora. It is a fermented drink of corn that stands out as the sacred drink of the Incas and that today is very traditional to drink.

As well as the chicha de jora that is made from corn, there are also other chichas such as the white chicha that is from Quinoa and the unfermented chicha made from purple corn. This latter gave the American inspiration to create Black Whiskey.

However, it was not an easy job for Michael. After four long years of testing he found the formula to get a unique whiskey: a fine distillate of wheat grains, malted barley, and purple corn harvested in the city of Chancay. It ages in American white oak barrels.

After long thought, a striking name was chosen as a new offering that masterfully combines the strength of whiskey with the versatile elegance of purple corn. It is the only Peruvian distillate made from this traditional grain.

Purple corn whiskey can be taken in different ways—on the rocks, in a sour, or an old fashioned—like any other whiskey. The first batch of this liquor has already gone on sale this November 2019.

Although Whiskey is not traditional from Peru, we like the idea of combining different traditions, in this case a traditional United States drink with Peruvian ingredients as a base. This drink breaks borders and makes Peruvian products more known to everyone. It joins two continents in one tradition.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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