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Where do Cuzco’s Families Go to Eat and Have a Good Time

Cuzco is a beautiful place with amazing customs and traditions. People from all over come to visit it and to become acquainted with its culture which has been kept alive from ancient times.

The people of Cuzco have the custom of spending Sundays and holidays in family. While some stay home, most go on outings. They might go to the archeological sites just like the tourists, or they might go into the countryside to play, relax and eat something delightful before returning home.

Chicharron, a Delicious Meal of Saylla (Photo: Walter Coraza)
Chicharron, a Delicious Meal of Saylla (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Besides the archeological sites there are many green zones where vegetation and grasslands attract people. They enjoy being by large stones, trees, and streams where they can have an excellent weekend and be ready for the following week.

One can mention many places. Among the most visited are Sacsayhuaman, a beautiful site where the midday sun radiates and at 4 in the afternoon the wind picks up to let people know it is time to return home. Since large families do not find restaurants that are economical enough to receive all of them, they tend to take their own food and enjoy it after having played sports such as football or volleyball.

Another very popular place is Saylla. This place is perfect for a family outing. You can enjoy a good chicharrón or maybe a t’octo (crackling) with toasted corn.  Close to Saylla there are fields where you can enjoy kicking a ball around.

Cuzco's Favorite Food, Guinea Pic (Photo: Walter Coraza)
Cuzco’s Favorite Food, Guinea Pic (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Further down the road you find Tipon. This is the best place is people wish to have what is considered the best guinea pig (cuy) in Cuzco. Cuyerias line the road and its side roads. They offer this delicious and very traditional dish of Cuzco to all who pass by.

Continuing down the same road there is a park where you can ride 4 x 4s and miniature cars. It is an entertainment park. You can easily go here without spending much money. It has something for young and old alike.

Not to far from here you will find Oropesa, the famous town that produces the bread of Cuzco. Though the bread is distributed throughout the city, there is nothing like having it fresh from the ovens. In this town you also find our Jurassic Park, also called the Dinosaur’s Park. Dinosaurs are there and even though unmoving still delight all children and most adults.

Fried Trout with Boiled Potatoes and Rocoto (Photo: Walter Coraza)
Fried Trout with Boiled Potatoes and Rocoto (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Finally, there is Huacarpay. It is a lake that has the same shape as the map of Peru. It is very visited. People love to go here to play, do sports, and eat. On one side of the lake a highway takes you to Lucre where you can enjoy some delicious duck or trout. You can even catch your own trout in the fish farms that are along the road and then have it served to you with potatoes.

These are the most visited places near Cuzco, although there are other places where you can go to enjoy a weekend. Indeed, if you want to spend you Saturdays and Sundays like Cuzqueños, you will go to these spots. If you are from Cuzco there is no way you can deny spending time in these sites.


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