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What Makes Up Christmas Dinner in Cusco?

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner

Christmas is a day to share with your family and to give to the needy so that they can also enjoy a delightful Christmas. People make the preparations so that at midnight they can give each other a hug in celebration and good wishes before sitting and eating together.

Hot chocolate and sweet bread, panetón, must be found on the table at Christmas. However, every family has its own particular tradition of what they tend to eat that day. Baked turkey is a good option for your Christmas night dinner, but it is not the tradition of our city.

Nevertheless, with the passing of the years, more and more people are eating turkey at Christmas and ever fewer are eating the traditional dishes of our city for the day.

Some people in the city and in smaller towns make for this day something other than turkey. They maintain their traditions. Nevertheless, the media are ever more telling people that they should eat turkey and in this way they are changing the traditions in many social sectors of the city.

I surveyed my friends and other people about what their families made for Christmas. The great majority responded that they ate turkey, followed by baked chicken. They said with great confidence that they ate this every year for Christmas.

However, I have friends who raise chickens, guinea pigs, and more in their homes. They told me that for this Christmas they would choose the fattest chickens and from the would prepare a chicken soup so that it could heat their bodies in the cold of the night. Then in the morning they would fry up the chicken to eat it with rice on awakening.

Chicken Soup for Christmas
Chicken Soup for Christmas

When I think about this traditional chicken soup I fill with desire to spend this Christmas in my friends’ homes to eat this delicious traditional plate since this traditional dish is made up to share with others.

In any case I hope that for this Christmas the Child Jesus bring blessings to all families so that they will be more united than ever. Let those who have the least receives fully, and may the world also find peace.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Soy completamente cusqueño. Mi profesión es analista de sistemas. Me encanta escuchar y tocar la música andina tanto como bailar break. Me gusta también compartir mi experiencias como cusqueño con gente de otros lados. Una de mis metas es llegar a conocer mi cultura más profundamente y compartirla ampliamente con gente de otras generaciones tanto como con hermanos y hermanas de otros lados de nuestra planeta.

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