What Are Two of the Most Used Ingredients for Cuzco’s Cuisine?

Of all the ingredients that go into making delicious food, flour is one that enters into the most dishes. Because of its importance to out cuisine you can find it in different brands, made by different companies. Each of these has different quality and cost.

We eat bread every day and, as a result, it is one of the most important products relying on flour. It is hard to imagine a breakfast without bread. Of course other ingredients also enter in, such as yeast, eggs, fat, and in some cases sugar. These are mixed together, the dough kneaded, left to rise, molded, and then placed in a hot oven in order to obtain a soft and delicious bread.

Flour is also used to make tortillas (Spanish-style omelets) and torrejas (eggy cakes). Flour is added to the egg mixture to give it body.

Crispy Torrejas (Wayra)
Crispy Torrejas (Wayra)

At the same time flour is very important for pastries and desserts, such as cakes. Flour similarly gives them body and allows them to become light once baked in the oven

Every day we use many kilos of flour in Cuzco. Who has not eaten bread for their breakfast or a cake on their birthday, or an omelet or torrejas at lunch time. Four is a product that we consume every day and, as a result, need to have provided in great quantity.

Furthermore, in the majority of cases flour is accompanied by eggs. Without them we cannot make the dough or batter that is needed for the different dishes. We need eggs in great quantity for our city, just like flour. Eggs are also one of the most consumed products in our city.



Rolling out the Pie (Wayra)
Rolling out the Pie (Wayra)

Both flour and eggs are found in the markets and super-markets of our city. You can buy the quantity of both that you want.

As a result, if you want to make a cake, a tortilla, or a torreja it is very easy to find the ingredients. If you forgot to buy them at the market or super-market your neighborhood kiosk store will likely have them. They are there for any need.

The recipes for these are also easy. You just need a little patience for them to cook and then you can enjoy the result of your efforts.

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