Wednesday’s Full Moon

One of the most fascinating things you can do in Cusco is to walk under a full moon. This is especially true if you like nocturnal photography and outings.

A pair of friends and I had a great time taking pictures and enjoying the mountain scenery near Cusco under the amazing light of Mama Killa, the Mother Moon.

While still daylight we filled with emotion on seeing the moon growing and taking form. The sky was blue and the clouds were like cotton candy. They could change colors but it was the moon that transmitted desire to be seen in full splendor.

At night, around 7 pm we began our trek with a lot of expectations. From the Plazoleta de San Blas we took off in the direction of the Temple of the Moon, and archeological center some 15 minutes from the Plaza.

Sunset and the Moon over Cusco
Sunset and the Moon over Cusco

We walked the great Qhapaq Ñana, the Inca Highway, which takes you to that temple. You could see clearly. The walls and trees, the sky and even the Plaza of San Blass stood out since the moon filled them with energy and light.

Its radiant light made the scene a magical space. You could appreciate its details in clarity, and yet it was not the bright light of the day. It was softer and more delicate.

We walked to the archeological sites, the huacas, up in the hills where our ancestors and eve people from today carry out ceremonies to the Pachamama, the Apus, and to the moon.

We took photos as a means of practicing nocturnal photography under the moon’s light. We shared them with you here so that you can appreciate how a night of full moon looks in the mountains around our city. You can feel the magic and passion.

The City of Cusco and the Bright Moon
The City of Cusco and the Bright Moon
The Huaca of the Moon's Temple between the Trees
The Huaca of the Moon’s Temple between the Trees



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