Water and Carnival Go Together in Cuzco

The full celebration of Carnival arrived finally the 15th of February. Every year it is an intense battle with buckets of water, balloons, water guns, and cans of spray. All of these found use in every neighborhood of the city. From ten in the morning, when the sun was fully up, Carnival began in its full splendor.

Yunzadas were carried out in various neighborhoods of the city of Cuzco. To be prepared people filled lots of balloons with water in order to throw them during the height of the yunza, when the tree finally fell.

Hey Guys Help me Please!
Hey Guys Help me Please!

This is a very special time for Cusqueños. The people of our city love to hear the music of carnival, whether from here or other places. Like the bright sounds of our music, streamers in bright colors were wrapped around the necks of people who were dancing the yunzada.

Both boys and girls were wet by people of the opposite sex. Water play is very popular in carnival and it is from one gender to the other. A girl should wet a boy and vice a versa. This play is carried out throughout the city. Various people, more likely than not, men also set out to trap their victims and push them into the puddles of water formed by the rain.

The girls do not hold back. They gather in groups to go out in the street and throw buckets of water on any individual who crosses their path. Both men and women dress lightly on this day. They tend to wear sweatpants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Carnival is Here! (Walter Coraza Moreveli)
Carnival is Here! (Walter Coraza Moreveli)

When night came the discotheques of the city made their presence known. They organized parties where water is a main actor. Some of these are the famous politos mojados (or we T-shirts. Girls go up on stage to dance with their Tshirts dripping wet. The one who dances best wins a pitcher of the drink that she wishes.

Only those who manage to escape getting wet will take a way a sad memory of these Carnival feasts. Everyone else will remember fun and joy.


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