Waqrapucara A Mysterious Inca Wonder

The region of Cusco constantly surprises us with new wonders that were built in the cradle of the vast Inca empire. Thanks to the architectural ingenuity of the Incas today we can appreciate and delight with our view of magnificent structures built in stone.

Of all these magnificent constructions we have Waqrapucara an Inca fortress that remained invincible until the collapse of Tawantinsuyo (The Land of Four Quarters) according to the Cusco oral tractions. Located 90 kilometers south of the emblematic city of Cusco, this fortress is one of the most visited attractions in the south.

The incredible thing about this fortress is that it was built in an enigmatic stone forest located in the depths of the Apurimac River Canyon. The name of Waqrapucara comes from Quechua: Waqra (Horn) and Pukara (Fortress). However, many of the inhabitants of this area know it by the name of Llamapukara because for them, the image that is observed when seeing the profile of the fortress is not one of horns but rather a llama.

The terraces of this fortress seem to hold the Waqra as similar to a double-billed crown. In the middle it contains a natural cave with a window that allowed people to view the night sky.

Considered an architectural masterpiece of the Inca empire, it was restored 10 years ago by a group of archaeologists led by Miguel Colque Enriquez and then in 2010 was investigated by Miguel Cornejo Guerrero. In 2017 it was named Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture.

Many of the tourists and explorers who visit this fortress have described it as “another of the wonders of Cusco” for being a wonderful and impressive architectural monument thanks to the environment in which it is located.

Cusco is one of the favorite destinations of tourists because of the great diversity of culture it offers and Waqrapukara or Llamapukara is a good option for all those adventurers who wish to get to know this wonderful Cusco architectural work.

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