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Trout from Lucre, One of Cuzco’s Favorites

Cuzco has a large repertoire of special dishes. Many of them are associated with particular places in the region of Cuzco. In this way, by eating, people are reliving, remembering, and celebrating the geography of their region, whether they travel their of ear at home. In this sense, one of the favorite and representative dishes of Cuzqueños is trout.

Besides being considered a special treat, trout is associated with Lucre. It is an enchanting town surrounded by high and steep mountains which look out on a flowing stream. Everyday this water quenches the thirst of the fish farms where Lucre’s famous trout is raised.

Lucre has around 9 fish farms. On weekends the town fills with the people from the city of Cuzco who ttravel there not just for the scenery and rural tranquility of Lucre, but also to enjoy its trout.

Huacarpay Lake
Huacarpay Lake (Photo Wayra)

Three varieties are offered for the lovers of this fish. The first is baked trout, then fried trout, followed by trout with garlic. In Lucre you also find dishes of waterfowl such as oven baked duck.

Eating outdoors int he fresh air is a grand experience. To enjoy it people have different options. Each is a rural, rustic place suggestive of rural Peru. The experience is fantastic.

Almost everyone goes fishing to catch their own trout. This makes the experience of Lucre more fun and more exciting. Then the trout is prepared in front of the guests. Within thirteen minutes the dishes are ready to be enjoyed. Besides the trout, each plate consists of crispy french fried potatoes, a salad of onion and tomato slices, and boiled hominy corn (mote) accompanied with a flavorful hot sauce, an uchukuta.

Boiled Corn (Mote) as Appetizer (hoto Wayra
Boiled Corn (Mote) as Appetizer (Photo: Wayra)

By Lucre is the famous Huacarpay Lake. It holds much history and is the subject of many legends from our ancestors. Here people also fish for trout, some from small boats. They pass many memorable moments enjoyng this activity, before eating.

Lucre is a favorite place to enjoy a good trout, as well as to enjoy a rural outing with your family. This paradise is only some 30 minutes away from Cuzco by car.

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