Transformers the Awakening of the Beasts, causes a furor in the imperial city of Cusco

The Transformers, the Awakening of the Beasts, is all the rage throughout the imperial city of Cusco, hundreds of fans are looking for possible ways to take photos with the cars led by optimus prime, with the actors and producers of Paramount picture.

There are more than one hundred people who came to Cusco to carry out all this film production that surprises thousands of followers who come to the recording points, to have some kind of memory of this unforgettable experience.

From the base where the vehicles are kept, in the Industrial Park of the Wanchaq district – Cusco, images were shown on social networks and media of how people excitedly wait to see the autobots and decepticons pass by in a caravan, some fans were they climb to the roofs of their cars or look for strategic points so as not to miss any type of image.

Yesterday, Monday, the recordings began in the Plaza de Armas, the 11 entrances to the main square were guarded by the troops of the national police and municipal police of Cusco, these troops did not allow anyone to enter, except the extras and producers who were identified with their authorized photo checks. The historic center will be closed to the general public for four days, until Thursday, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The Plaza Mayor is shown set in 1994, in full celebration of the typical Cusco carnival, where traditional dances shine with their color and festive rhythm, the Saqras, the dance that represents the restless demons, were the protagonists with their impressive carnival dance, It was also set with the presence of street vendors, patrol cars and police officers associated with the 1994.

Raul Asencio Carrasco – Manager of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Provincial Municipality of Cusco, spoke about the problems that the producers of the Queen of the South and the Transformers are causing, all the impact is for the sake of a positive reactivation, he apologized for what was caused on the roads and in traffic.

There is a statement regarding the roads that are closed, the Plaza de la Armas, Calle San Bernardo, Plaza Regocijo, Calle Santa Teresa, Av. Sol, Calle Heladeros, Calle Saphi and some streets surrounding the monumental quarter.

It should be noted that the producer of the Transformers Awakening of the Beasts extended its stay in Cusco until October 20, which suggests that there will still be many more shots within the Navel of the World.

All the fans worldwide are looking forward to the day of its official premiere, which is scheduled for June 24, 2022, also the day of the important sun festival “El Inti Raymi”.

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