Tottus opens in Cusco

The city of Cusco is becoming more modern except for the historical center of the city. From the largest viewpoints you can see to the south, many large constructions, such as a variety of banks, hospitals and shopping centers. These include the Real Plaza, Master, and the recently inaugurated Tottus.

Tottus in Cusco, San Sebastian District Tottus in Cusco
Tottus in Cusco, San Sebastian District Tottus in Cusco (David Knowlton)

More and more private companies are investing in the city and are providing jobs for the city’s people. These shopping centers also generate fashions in the city, causing people to come and see what new, interesting, and stylish things they can find.

About two weeks ago, in the district of San Sebastián, Cusco, the Hipermercado Tottus opened. It is a hypermarket chain of the Chilean Falabella family of stores with presence in Chile and Peru.

The Chilean company opened its doors on May 5, 2017 with a great welcome to the large number of people who come to visit it. In it, besides food, people find a wide variety of products such as clothing, technological products, consumer products, etc. For its grand opening, the store offered excellent sales.

Inside Tottus
Inside Tottus

Basic products such as potatoes, carrots, onions, among others, beat the prices for similar products in the traditional markets of our city. In this way, the opening of these supermarkets decreases the sales obtained by merchants in our traditional markets. a small percentage. in these shopping centers the facilities are good to be able to walk and you don`t have to carry heavy weights from your purchases in your arms and hands.

Tottus and similar stores create differences between generations and social classes. Young people mostly want to shop in these supermarkets because of fashion and the status it might give them with their peers. In contrast, adults often are more worried about prices and about things like farm to table produce.

Fruit and vegetables section
Fruit and vegetables section

In the district of San Sebastián, where Tottus has built its store, the majority of people residing there are from Peru’s, south, Puno and Juliaca. They are engaged in trade and have stands in the El Molino market and Pera Street. With the arrival of Tottus, they will suffer a decrease in the sale of their products.

For many people, the opening of these shopping centers brings great benefits and for others it brings damages. In either case, they are part of the ever changing growth of our city.

Local people buying in Tottus
Local people buying in Tottus

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