Todos Santos in Cusco

November 1st and 2nd Cuzco celebrates Todos Santos, All Saints. It is a day when the people of Cusco share moments with loved ones, their families and friends, in the streets of the monumental center of the city, as well as in some of its plazas and around its traditional markets. Because of commerce they are very colorful and filled with people. At night people go out to have fun in the different parties that have been organized for this day.

In the city of Cusco, Todos Santos is a day in which people place faith in the idea that someday heaven will be our future home. Even though few, if truth be told, live the ideal of being a saint.

The Day of Leaving and Dead
The Day of Leaving and Dead

Families and friends get together just to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company, at home and outside the home. It is traditional to enjoy a good serving of lechón, well-seasoned pork roast carried to a local oven.  We eat this dish along with its traditional accompaniment, tamales of corn filled with raisins, dried fruit, and cinnamon or made from meat—pork or beef Together they are a delicious custom.

Gastronomic festivals are organized in many plazas and markets. They fill with people and in them the bread babies and bread horses stand out.  In different prices and sizes, decorated with colorful sprinkles and candies as well as chocolates, they are irresistible to children and adults.  In some places the various culinary schools and bread industries gather together to make enormous t’antawawas.  At the end of their preparation and the taking of pictures they are cut into small slices to share with all present.

Mrs. María Dishing Up Lechón on the Street
Mrs. María Dishing Up Lechón on the Street

People use these breads to carry out the traditional baptism of the bread baby. In some homes and places of work this enjoyable tradition is still carried out. It involves the naming of parents and god parents for the bread babies. This fun ritual is still part of our traditionally magical Cusco.

Day of Dead in Almudena Cemetery (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Day of Dead in Almudena Cemetery (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

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