Today is the World Day for the Protection of Nature 2021

Today October 18, the World Day for the Protection of Nature is celebrated. The main objective is to make the entire world population aware of the damage that humans cause, consciously and unconsciously to the environment.

This celebration has been held since 1972, with the need to take care of the planet, about the pollution of the environment and the biosphere, the waste of natural resources, the unbridled growth of the population and the overestimation of technology. It is necessary to reverse the direction of this march, through joint actions internationally.

Currently the main objective of the United Nations is to achieve a more sustainable world, this is what is promoted in the 2030 agenda, to ensure that all countries obtain their development without affecting nature.

It is a global mission to revive billions of hectares, from forests to farmlands, from the top of the mountains to the depths of the sea. Only with healthy ecosystems can we improve people’s livelihoods, counter climate change and stop the collapse of biodiversity.

The COVID-19 pandemic also showed us that the loss of ecosystems can be an extremely serious event, as we are creating the ideal conditions for pathogens – such as coronaviruses – to spread between humans.

It should be mentioned that it has been made clear that the protection of nature is not the exclusive task of environmentalists, but rather, it is the responsibility of all people in the world, since we all depend on nature.

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