Today begins the filming of “Transformers the Awakening of the Beasts” in Cusco

Today, the filming of the movie “Transformers the Awakening of the Beasts” begins, more than 120 people came to our imperial city for the filming that is scheduled from September 7, all this production will take place in the wonder of the world Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Plaza de Armas Cusco.

Since it was announced that the filming of the film will take place in Peru, curiosity about the development of this mega production is increasing, hundreds of fans from different parts of the world eagerly await, at least, to have any kind of contact with the actors and producers of this film, in order to have a memory either in photos or in memory.

Therefore, the authorities of Cusco have been taking the necessary security measures so that no type of damage occurs to our cultural heritage, since there is no cost or amount that is being requested, what is being sought the most is the contribution to the reactivation process.

The advanced technology equipment that will be used in the filming is of the highest quality and easy to control, thus avoiding the use of heavy equipment and high-volume machines.

Gercetur’s manager, Fredy Deza, mentioned that, for the filming of this long-awaited production, it will be necessary to close some roads, suspend commercial activities and others, in authorized locations. In his words, he assured that it is a small cost that we have to assume, since the benefits will be much greater.

He also reported that he is coordinating with Apu Production, the company in charge of filming in our country to establish the filming schedule, this in order for citizens to be prepared for possible closures of vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes.

The main actors, Antony Ramos and Dominique Fish, along with the entire technical team, already breathe and feel the magical vibration of the city of Cusco and its citizens

The film directed by Steven Caple Jr, and produced by Paramount Pictures, will introduce in “Transformers Rise of the Beasts”, the Maximals, Predacons and Decepticons. This will not be the first time that the characters appear in Peru, the first generation, of the classic animated series of the 80s, meant the first visit of the autobots and decepticons to Cusco in its ninth episode: Fire on the mountain.

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