The Wondrous Manjar Blanco Makes Many Delights

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A Delicious Treat with Caramelized Milk
A Delicious Treat with Caramelized Milk

Caramelized milk, called manjar blanco en Peru and in other areas dulce de leche, arequipe, or cajeta, is one of the traditional sweets of Latin America. This should not be confused with the Catalonian manjar blanco.

Not only does this treat have different names depending on the country you are in, it also has variations in its preparation. It is widely used in desserts such as alfajores, cakes, ice creams, pastries, or in daily life as a companion for breakfast and dessert.

In Peru, this sweet is made throughout our country. It is one of our traditional foods. In the country’s north the preparation and commercialization of manjar blanco is done in a massive fashion not just for the national market but also increasingly international. It is not only made in its classic form but also is innovated with new flavors. You will find it in various presentations.

Isla Blanca Manjar Blanco
Isla Blanca Manjar Blanco


Recipe for Manjar Blanco


4 liters milk

1 kilo sugar

1 tsp. sodium bicarbonate and some drops of vanilla.



Add milk to a deep pan. Cook it over medium heat until it begins to boil. Mix in the sugar and begin to stir with a wooden spoon to avoid the formation of lumps. Then add the vanilla and the sodium bicarbonate without failing to keep stirring.

Little by little the milk will become yellow and then brown. It takes about an hour before it is ready. To known when it is at it point you can pass a knife through what is on the spoon you are using to stir the mixture. If the knife makes a clear line that stays it is ready. Take it from the heat and cool. It is now ready to consume.



The manjar blanco is not only used for pastries, but also has an application in making cocktails. Thanks to Itematika, we offer you two examples.



To prepare a bandit you should have to following ingredients at hand.

3 measures of banana liquor

3 measure of crème de cacao

4 measures of manjar blanco.

Preparation: Mix vigorously and serve over ice.


Tropical Dusk

To prepare a tropical dusk you will need to have the following ingredients at hand.

2 measures of piña colada

1 measure of white chocolate liquor

1 measure of manjar blanco

1 measure of rum

Grated chocolate

Crushed ice

Preparation: Add all the ingredients to a large glass in order and sprinkle grated chocolate on it.


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