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The Violet of The Alps (CYCLAMEN)

Nature is a surprising world that is present all over the world and that every day makes us happy with its beauty. There are many types of plants in the world, but those that fill us with joy are those that have beautiful flowers such as the cyclamen or violet of the Alps.

The Cyclamen is a genus of bulbous plants that belongs to the family Primulaceae, is an attractive perennial of showy pink, violet, red, and white flowers that grow on peduncles up to 25cm in height. In addition it also has a large and round leaves with gray spots grouped around the stems of the flowers.

Cyclamen grow in cold and shady places, in cool soils with acidic and humid earth, for this reason they enjoy inside a window oriented to the north or the south. In this way it does not give the direct sun and its flowers are not sunburned. Its irrigation is done by capillarity, it is a very demanding plant in this sense because if it is not done with this medium there is a risk that the roots rot and therefore the plant dies.

The best method to reproduce the cyclamen is to cut the bulbs of the mother plant in half in order to divide it in two and plant it in another spot. It can also be planted through seeds that are obtained when the flower finishes its polymerization process and begins to form seed buds.

In the last decades in Peru the demand for these beautiful ornamental plants has increased. We can see them in fairs of plants and nurseries in different presentations and sizes.

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