The Tunche: The Warming Soul in the Forest

The tunche, also known as the tinchi in some parts of the Peruvian jungle, is a suffering soul that roams freely on the roads and trails of the jungle, claiming the lives of those who get too involved with it. People say that these souls were perverse individuals in their earthly life and that they met with death in a violent way. In addition, there are also those people who met with death unjustly and disconcertingly, or those who committed suicide. Repenting of their deed they refuse to leave this world and walk among us, the living.

Many of these souls roam the mountains without knowing what happened to them. They do not accept their cruel destiny and they need to settle their pending accounts in order to pass to the other plane. This type of spirit can be called “White Souls”.

It is also said that there are perverse souls, the tunche, that frighten travelers who wander through their desolated territory. In the worst of cases, they cause death. These perverse beings are full of anger, pain, and resentment. For this reason they are still among us, tormenting us. Those few people who have been saved from these specters have come to lose their reason, either by the shock or by the simple fact of hearing the frightening whistle they emit.

The Tunche
The Tunche

The whistle that these creatures emit is nothing more than the overwhelming cry of pain and rage that they carry in their essence and that reaches our ears like a frustrating and overwhelming shriek. If someone repeats this sound he is condemned to die.

Nobody can know exactly what the tunche looks like, the only thing that is known is that it is a mythical being from the Peruvian Amazon, capable of adopting any form with the aim of attracting prey to its trap with the only difference being its goat feet. About what he does with his prey, we do not know with exactitude if he leaves them to their fate, dead, or devours them.

If some day you decide to enter the Peruvian jungle following the desolate roads to reach your destination, think twice. And, if you find yourself with this spirit, we hope you do not have a bad time.

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