The Sweets of Holy Week

Holy Week has begun in the sacred city of Cuzco. This traditional feast is carried out every year. It begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. During the week many activities are carried out in the city of Cuzco. For example, on Monday people celebrated the Lord of Temblors who gave his blessing to the people of the city. On Friday people will fast until midday and then with a lot of appetite they will eat the popular 12 dishes of Holy Week in each home. It is a very important date.

Everyone might think that twelve dishes is a lot for one single person. But what they do not know is that within the twelve are included the desserts and sweets that make the day pleasant. The desserts we enjoy on this occasion are stewed peaches, then the delicious empanadas and maicillos (cookies based on corn). There also is rice pudding and purple pudding, the famous mazamorra morada. These desserts are generally prepared for this day.

A Sweet Condesa
Meringues a Sweet dessert

You could argue that Friday is the principal day of Holy Week since on that day the whole family comes together to enjoy their company while remembering the lord Jesus Christ. On this day, cousins, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, as well as grandparents get together to enjoy the food and reflect as a family on the television series that are shown about God.

Rice Pudding with Purple Pudding (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Rice Pudding with Purple Pudding (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The majority of the people who live in the city carry out these thing in their homes. Nevertheless, there are also people who live the day just like any other, more ordinary, day. They continue their daily routine including their work.

Holy week is now here and now we just have to enjoy all the happenings and activities that are performed in our beautiful city of Cuzco.

The Favorite Sweet Empanada to Enjoy During Holly Week
The Favorite Sweet Empanada to Enjoy During Holy Week

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