The Season for Juicy Mangos is Here

The magical and transformative drops of rain have begun to fall more constantly on the city of Cusco. People who dedicate themselves exclusively to growing fruit and vegetable were a bit worried because the rains had not come. People thought that in November it would start raining every day, like in other years, but they were wrong. Now that December has come we are finally seeing constant rain.

During this season the markets of the City fill with fruit that sweeten and enrich our palates, the delicious mango. Its season is now here and those who love this fruit can have it as much as they want, even if they want a lot. You will see mangos in other times of the year but it is only during this season that you can enjoy it fully ripe and at its peak of flavor.

Mangos Ready to Make a Good Juice (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Mangos Ready to Make a Good Juice (Walter Coraza Morveli)

In the markets our caseras, our vendors already have put the fruit on display. Some put mangos next to apples while others organize according to the color of fruit, so that in this way the stand where the fruit is sold calls people’s attention. The vendors tend to clean the fruit before placing it on display so that it is bright and attractive. They want people to be drawn to them and buy them with no hesitation.

There are various kinds of mangos that come to our city from different places. The most well known are those that come from Quillabamba and Puerto Maldonado. Those from Quillabamba are smaller with a big seed. They show small, dark spots on the skin. On the other hand those from Puerto Maldonado are larger and do not have any spots. Their seed is smaller leaving more flesh. People love to eat slices of this fruit. But the small mangos can be enjoyed in your hands. That is the typical way in which we Cuzqueñps enjoy our mangos. Both the large mangos and the small ones have exquisite flavor.

This delicious fruit can be found in any of our city’s markets and in many stores. The large mangos are sold by kilos while the small ones are sold individually, as well as in bulk, by kilo. Since it is the season for this fruit, the price is really good.

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