“The queen of the south 3” is already in the imperial city of Cusco

The main actress Kate del Castillo, along with the producers, technicians, directors and actors are already in the navel of the world, in some images of social media this entire cast is shown, taking photos on the atrium of the Temple of San Francisco next to the traditional and colorful cholitas that walk with their llamas through the monumental helmet.

With the intonation of the word! Pisco!, Everyone posed happily for the instant photos, that moment of relaxation served for national and foreign fans to approach their favorite characters and artists for a few minutes to greet them and ask for their respective autographs. Actor Antonio Gil (Oleg) was the most requested, despite the restrictions of the Telemundo production company.

The Peruvian actress Mayella Lloclla was also one of the most requested, for the signatures and photos, she already had several scenes on Wednesday’s day, which was combined with sunny moments and ended with a torrential rain.

The Telemundo Production Company chose the city of Cusco as one of its main locations, it is known that the recordings will also make the ancestral llacta of Machupicchu. Telemundo has all the permits from the municipality of Cusco and the tourism department, the only thing that is asked of them is to take care of our world heritage of humanity while the recordings last.

Along with the great production of La Reina del sur 3, Transformers Awakening of the Beasts has also been filmed, making the city of Cusco, especially our wonder, one of the best places to shoot movies and series in the coming years.

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