The Passion and the Beauty of Corpus Christi

Tens of thousands of persons crowded Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas this morning for an outdoor mass, with all the saints arrayed on the esplanade by the Cathedral. The Custodia carrying the Holy Host processed around the plaza to the deep minor plaintive tones of a brass band while the mass continued. It made a cacophony of sound and of sights.

In the mass of people, both those set to march with their saints, and those who came to only see, an entire world of gestures and looks opened up. In that is part of the power of a feast of this magnitude; it draws all different kinds of people and all kinds of moods and personalities, both those represented in uniforms, fraternities, and dances, as well as those that mostly pass un-labeled.

Here is a photo essay from this morning that will show you the beauty, the passion, and the complexity of the event.






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