The Naked Dog or Peruvian Dog

According to research, the Peruvian dog, also known as calato dog, (naked dog) arrived in Peru in the year 300 BC and, thanks to archaeology, works that in 1987 it is found next to the tomb of the Lord of Sipan. They say that the skeleton of this animal was by the side of the skeletons of the concubines and the servants.

The black Peruvian dog participated in ceremonies dedicated to the moon because the black color represented purity. These animals had a very important role; they were considered guides that help souls cross to the other world.

Legend holds that one day the God Aiapaec was very bored to see the souls of the mortals wandering lost without being able to find their way to the world of the dead. “So, I will take a little of the shadows and a bit of sand, forming with them an animal. It will be as dark as the shadows of the world of the dead and sometimes a little clear like sand.” SeeinG his creation, he named it Viringo and gave it to the man Muchik to be his companion even beyond death.

In pre-Inca cultures, such as the Mochicas, Moche, Vicus, the Peruvian dog was a much adored dog. Every time that an important person died, a Viringo dog was also sacrificed, so that it could serves as a guide. It occupies a very important place in the myths, legends and artistic works of pre-Columbian cultures that anticipated the Inca Culture.

Among the characteristics and uses of the Peruvian dog we have:
• Its skin can have different tones such as black, light blond, brown and gray and have no hair on the body; in some cases you can find hair on the head as a tuft and at the tip of the tail or it may have hair. You must be very careful when exposing it to the sun so you do not irritate its skin. You should use sunblock.

• Dogs are especially recommended for people who have allergies to animals, because they do not have hair and also have no smell, or fleas.

• The temperature of its body is like a bag of hot water. For this reason they are considered medicinal for people suffering from bone pain and rheumatism.

• They are very clean, intelligent and very clever dogs. We can say that it is a great pet because it likes children.

If you dare to have a Peruvian dog as a pet, you have to love it a lot and always keep its kin moisturized. It will give you lots of love.

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