The Music of the Moment in Cusco

Change takes place rapidly today, especially in music. It was just a short time ago that urban music came to the city. This music, known more as reggaeton, has already had an impact in the Imperial City and throughout Peru thanks to the power of its songs.

Its rhythms and its words which are not very violent captivated many people’s ears and took over the dance floors of Cusco’s discotheques.

Its variety of songs, developed by the musicians who have claimed this genre have made reggaeton the music of the moment. Its songs appear constantly on our radio stations and people love to hear them.

Just last month, Nicky Jam, the famous performer, came to the Imperial City of Cusco. Before his show people promoted him widely in all the media. He performed in the Beer Garden (Jardín de Cerveza). Though the tickets for his performance were very expensive, still people went and the venue was filled to overflowing.

With out any doubt, the music of this genre is loved by many Cusqueños, especially its youth. They enjoy it when they hear it and even more when they dance to it in our discotheques.

Nevertheless, there are other musics people also enjoy here, such as electronica, rap, and hip hop. Young people also listen to these. Rap is especially enjoyed and is practiced. Some young people even make money by improvising raps in the buses of the city.

In the past rock and cumbia were the genres that most grabbed people’s attention. Now these new genres are having their turn. By far, reggaetón is the most popular. On weekends, especially, when most young people go out the genre takes over and people move to its rhythms.

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