The Maiden and Piquillacta’s Water

Before the Inca civilization there were different pre-Inca cultures located in different areas of what is now the department of Cusco. South of the city of Cusco is an archaeological center called Piquillacta and this site is from one of the pre-Inca cultures.

The stories tell that it’s water supply was in the Hucarpay lagoon and that the transportation of water was very difficult. They also tell us that head of this town had a very beautiful daughter and that every single man desired her.

Huacarpay Lake
Huacarpay Lake

Taking advantage of the situation the boss said that the man who wants to marry the maid should be the first to get water to the designated place. News ran in all directions to alert everyone who wanted to marry the maiden.

Many men came to try to bring water, but none of them succeeded. Two men came from where Cusco city would currently be in order to carry out this test. They took the opportunity to inspect the place and found that in front of the city in one of the mountains was a lake. It was perfect for transporting water, but it was not easy.

They began to build an aqueduct that surrounded the entire mountain. They used the materials and tools that were in the area. After a long time, one of them managed to get the water and managed to marry the maiden. But the other felt so bad and not having won the victory that he committed suicide.

Today you can still see remains of this pre-Inca culture, it is inside a tourist circuit called Valle Sur, you can also see this aqueduct that crosses from the other mountain.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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