The Hairless Peruvian Dog, a National Heritage

What is the perro peruano, the symbolic native Peruvian dog? It is a hairless dog that is black or gray. This is a special breed that is indigenous to our country. During the winter it throws of heat. It is one of the most charismatic and loving of pets and a favorite of Peruvians. It is said to bring good properties for alleviating problems like rheumatism and bronchial infections.

Cartoon Peruvian Dog
Cartoon Peruvian Dog

While they are known as excellent companion dogs, they are also excellent companions because they have an especially sharp sense of hearing.

Today this breed is considered part of the patrimony of Peru. The Peruvian dog was declared national heritage, or patrimonio nacional. We Peruvians are especially proud of this dog that brings the culture, glory, and uniqueness of our ancestors to us.

According to historians and chroniclers this hairless dog appears in Peru approximately 300 BC. Besides being an important dog in the Pre-Inca cultures of Chavin and Mochica, these naked dogs were considered guides of souls to the next world. They have great depth in our country and increasing popularity today.

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