The Genius of the Old Ones: Banana Vinegar and Sugar Cane Brew

In the old days, the people of the Cuzco did not have all the products that they enjoy today and that make cooking so much easier. They had to be creative and innovate products in order to make their food.

Banana vinegar is one such innovation that they made to enjoy on salads. This may sound strange to many people today. They might wonder how something so sweet can turn itself into something so tart like vinegar.

Today, there are only a few people who know the secrets of this style of cooking. But in the day, our grandparents had this knowledge and knew how to make banana vinegar.

Making banana vinegar is really simple. You just have to choose some bananas that are overly ripe, black in color. You peel them and mash them in a colander. When you mash them you will see that a liquid comes out. After you have mashed all the overly ripe bananas you have, you take the liquid and put it in a jar. Close it tightly and bury it in the ground. Let it ferment for ten days. Then you can dig up the jar, clean it, and open it. Your vinegar is ready for use. They say that the more days you let it stay in the ground the better.

Sugar Cane to Make a Good Pisco
Sugar Cane to Makea Good Pisco

Another one of their innovations was to make pisco from sugar cane. In order to enjoy a delicious pisco our ancestors did not go to the store and buy a bottle of sharply distilled and bright pisco. They chose sugar cane, cut it and placed it in a pot with water which they brought to a boil. They left it to simmer until the cane had let off its last drop of sweetness.

When they had all the liquid from the sugar cane, they would bottle it and let it sit to ferment. Then they would serve their workers, friends, and kin in small quantities because the sugar cane pisco was very strong.

Well these are only two of the many innovations our ancestors did when they did not have products with which to cook. In them you can see the genius of our past.

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