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The Feast of the San Jerónimo Patron

Today is a very special day in the district of San Jerónimo. After a great serenade last night where musical groups started the celebration, today is the central day of the celebration of the Patron Saint of San Jerónimo, St. Jerome.

The fiesta is fascinating from its beginnings, a great serenade where all present dance to the rhythm of traditional dances in the main square of the town. People also light up fireworks castles in amazing colors that make a great show and people enjoy them to a great extent. About 23 dance troupes make their way, for an hour, through the colonial streets of this traditional district.

On the other hand, today is when people enjoy a delicious chiriuchu, the traditional dish of the fiesta. Traditional mamachas, women, dressed in colorful clothes with white hats and wide colored ribbons, vend this traditional dish. It costs about 25 soles.

On this day, the patron will make his procession around San Jerónimo’s main square, accompanied by his porters, his band, and his dancers. It will be a day of joyous sound.
This is a celebration where thousands of people come including tourists and local residents

The fiesta will continue through this weekend, Everyone looks forward to the closing of the fiesta, called in Quechua the kacharpari

Kausachun (long live) San Jerónimo, Happy Holidays San Jerónimo!

San Jerónimo, St. Jerome (Walter Coraza Morveli)
San Jerónimo, St. Jerome (Walter Coraza Morveli)

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