The Combapata Fair and its Livestock Fair “La Tablada”

Combapata is one of the eight districts of the province of Canchis, in the department of Cusco and is located at 3 481 meters above sea level. It has a temperate climate where they produce all kinds of agricultural and livestock products.
This district is home to rich socio-cultural elements and a strong economic dynamism in the region, it is a peaceful place during the week, but on Fridays it becomes a mixture of traditions and customs since that day takes place its great fair.

Inside the fair you can see people dressed in colorful and typical costumes or clothes from the different areas surrounding Combapata, they concur with the commercial purpose, cultural legacy from Inca times, colony more.
On Fridays, trucks loaded with products from different places arrive at your plaza, all products mainly supply the area of ​​Canas, Yanaoca, Acomayo and part of Paruro. The products are distributed in three different spaces: one serves agro-industrial goods, another for live cattle and the third for agricultural production.

This fair also shows its rich, varied, colorful and very tasty gastronomy. In different points of its streets you can find delicious dishes such as baked guinea pig, pork rinds, fried trout, llullu jaucha, scrambled eggs with patitas, stuffed hot peppers, pork marinade, chicken and cattle broths, among others. The landladies of the place also sell breakfasts and natural soft drinks of quinoa, barley, corn and wheat.

Its cattle fair “La Tablada” is home to hundreds of farmers, merchants and buyers, all purchases are certified by the municipality of Combapata, the prices of cattle vary according to their breed, size and age. This fair gives opportunity to all merchants and buyers from the different districts, provinces and regions of Peru.

At this point of purchase and sale, a large number of transporters from different parts of the country arrive from 2 in the morning, bringing their cattle for sale, there you can see how interested buyers carefully look at each animal, be they sheep, goats, cows, bulls, llamas or horses. Each animal has an entry number hanging from its ear or painted on its back.

All merchants and buyers maintain the security protocols against covid-19, using masks, hand sanitizer alcohol, you can also see tanks with water and liquid soap at different entry points for hand washing.

The merchants invite the entire population in general to come to the Combapata district and be part of this fair that benefits all the families of the surrounding communities.

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