The Charming Town of Copacabana and its Attractions

Copacabana is a small town surrounded by two mountains in Lake Titicaca, known locally for being an important space of religious festivals as well as an important tourist stop to visit the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon.

Copacabana is the most popular stopping point for people traveling by land from Peru to Bolivia.

One of the beautiful things that Copacabana has and that I liked a lot was its quiet streets, its people, and its deep culture. The lake shore is one of its favorite places. The incredible view pulls a sigh from visitors. Most the hotels and hostels have a view of the lake and you may not imagine how beautiful it is at every moment of the day.

Sunset in Copacabana, Bolivia, Titicaca Lake (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Sunset in Copacabana, Bolivia, Titicaca Lake (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

What Copacabana offers:

Excursions to the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon.

During every day you will find small tourist offices where you can reserve a day trip to Island of the del Sun and Island of the Moon. Both islands have important sacred Inca archaeological sites.

If you want, you can easily find a room on the Island of the Sun which is a fascinating place to spend the night.

It is recommended to bring water bottles to hydrate yourself, use sunscreen, and wear warm clothes because the cold and breeze of the lake is intense when sailing in the boats

Rich gastronomy, par excellence trout

Par excellence, trout is the main dish. Along the shores of Copacabana and in the tourist restaurants you will find different dishes based on fresh trout.

Trout with garlic, trout with lemon, and chicharrón of trout are the most popular with visitors.

The shore, a favorite place

One of the most crowded places for tourists, Copacabana´s beach has lots of hustle and bustle in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. After passing the small bar and grill restaurants that line the town, you can walk along the lake or down quiet residential streets. Finding a quiet place to sit and watch the birds on the water is the best. at night you can choose your favorite bar for a cold Bolivian beer and cool off with the amazing view from the terraces and balconies of the bars.

Calvary an unparalleled view

Calvario is located on a mountain that rises out of the town.

It is worth walking up to its top because when you arrive and are above everything the view takes your breath away. You can see the whole city; the largest lake in South America. It is best to climb in the afternoon to be dazzled with magical sunsets.

In the town of Copacabana, there is a Virgin that bears the same name, to which devotees have dedicated a week of celebration during which people ascend this hill that dominates the landscape defined by Lake Titicaca at 4100 meters above sea level. They carry objects that symbolize those they want to become reality with the help of the Virgin. (source Wikipedia)

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