The Ch’alla, a Cuzco Rite

The ch’alla, or challado as we also call it, is an important activity carried out in our society. It is about blessing or, as we call it, tinkar something new that you have acquired so that it will last and always be protected.

For example, we do a ch’alla when we construct a house. People perform a ritual such as splashing a traditional drink, such as chicha, in the corners of the house on the inside and on the rood so that it will always be a place of happiness and prosperity.

In the different activities of our society there will always be challados in the relationships in our lives. When people buy cars they almost always do a ch’alla. They get together with their friends and family and buy beer, wine, or champagne. They spray them on the four wheels fo the car as a means of bringing good fortune with the car. Afterwards everyone who is gathered will share the beers.

The same thing happens when a football, soccer, team acquires its new uniforms. They put all the uniforms on the floor in numerical order. Everyone gathers around and they give their respective words of thanks, their desires for the club, and the shared feelings of the team. The owner then gabs a beer, shakes it and sprays them with the beer so that all will bring prosperity and good luck during a championship.

At the same time when one reaches their objectives, maybe by getting a diploma or a profession, there is also a celebration and you must ch’allar so that what you have obtained will be lasting.

We should indicate that this tradition comes down to us from our ancestors. Our grandparents practiced it with their various relative and friends around them. It is a practice we always perform in the society of Cuzco.

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