The Cábalas People Used to Bring Good Fortune for 2016

Kabalas for Good Luck
Kabalas for Good Luck

To say good bye to the old year and to start the new year people in Cusco prepare different activities which involve different colors, objects, food, and luck so that the upcoming year can be received with the best energy possible.

People here are excited that the Chinese calendar lists 2016 as the year of the monkey, even though we are not in China. As a result, many of the cabalas for obtaining good luck this year come with monkeys. Little monkeys that you can put in you r wallet in order to bring you good luck and prosperity, and others: key chains, necklaces, and much more. They were in the markets waiting to bring people good luck this year.

Of course people had to have yellow underware to bring them good luck. If they want love then they put on red.

You could also buy small things, a whole series of minatures, such as cars, suitcases, money or whatever you desired. You could also buy the equeko who carries them and brings you abundance. There was incense in different scents, dollars, and soles (imitation, of course) to bring you fortune, yellow flowers, grapes, spikes, etc. All of this and much more was found in the city’s markets yesterday.

Yellow confetti was spread around the outside and the inside of Cusco’s houses. And, today, many people got up early and went to work so that this year, 2016, they will continue to have a secure job and that it will produce good fortune for people.

Another cabala that people carry out are the baños, the baths, of flourishing, florecimiento. They wash their bodies with water that is the purest thing for this case. They also use flowers, roses, candles, and scents. All of these should be present for one of these baths.

Of course, if you wish to perform a baño de florecimiento, you can go to a specialist or you can buy a package that contains all the essences you need: oils, perfumes, etc. In this way the bath will be perfect for what you need in order to receive the year well and leave behind all the bad energies that might have afflicted you as well as any bad luck.

Thanks to these cabalas people expect to reach their goals and desires in 2016.


Brayan Coraza Morveli

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