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The Brilliance of Peruvian Culinary Fusion, the Aeropuerto

From joining fried rice (arroz chafe) and stirred noodles (tallarin salted) a new dish was born, the aeropuerto or airport. It great flavor and combination of textures has made it enormously popular among Peruvians. It is one of our favorite dishes.

Chifa, or Chinese food, is an important part of Peruvian gastronomy and it is in the streets of Peru that the airport was born. Within in a short time of its birth it had become one of the most demanded and desired dishes on the tables of Peru.  It has take over in the last few years.

Fried rice and stir fried noodles are two of the most popular dishes int eh repertoire of Chines Peruvian cooking. Though those dishes originated in China, it took Peruvians to join them together to make something new, a different stir fry.

In Cuzco you will now find chiefs, as we call Chinese Peruvian restaurants, all over the place. We cusqueños especially love chaufa, fried rice, in all its combinations. The most popular is having it on the side of a limo salted, a stir-fried beef that is simply one of our great national dishes. Perhaps the best Chinese Peruvian restaurant in Cuzco is the China. It is located on Santa Teresa street. It is directed by a Peruvian chef with significant talent.

No one knows where the name airport originated but people say it may come from a chief which opened its doors near Peru’s international airport outside of Lima in Callao.

You will find a chifa today in any Peruvian city and wherever there is a chief you will now find this dish, the airport. It has also crossed borders to other countries. Gaston Acurio’s Tanta restaurant received recognition for offering it in Chicago in the United States. The dish brings people together all over the place. They become united through Peruvian flavor and cuisine.

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