The Best Coffee in Peru is from Cusco

According to the 2018 Cup of Excellence, the best coffee in Peru comes from Cusco. The winner of the second competition of the best producer was Dwight Aguilar from the province of Santa Teresa District Convention.

After several years of effort, his coffee was chosen as the best in Peru to occupy the first place in the Cup of Excellence 2018 of the Expo Café Perú 2018.

This, according to the results of the international auction program, Alliance For Coffee Excellence (ACE), organizer of the Cup of Excellence where coffee samples are evaluated through a tasting process by industry experts with a National Jury and International – experienced tasters from around the world who only choose the best coffee for the auction.

This year around 3,000 coffee producers from the 11 producing regions of the country participated. Cusco won the national prize, occupying the first place with a 91.08% cup performance score. For eight years, Dwight has worked tirelessly to achieve the best results.

Peru is one of the countries in the world with high quality coffee production. The Cup of Excellence – Peru 2018 “, is an event that seeks to place the winning coffee growers in the international market.

With the objective of promoting the cultivation of this grain Dwight and Three Monkeys Coffee have been working with Virgilio Martínez in Mil, his new gastronomic bet where coffee is not a complement but protagonist. You can experience Dwight’s Coffee at the Three Monkeys stand on Arequipa Street in Cusco.

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