The Baratillo Market Offers All On Saturdays

Every Saturday, a great market (feria) offering all kinds of things appears in the city. Its name is The Baratillo, the Deal, and is located on the street Prolongación Pera, near the Santiago Bridge.

Saturdays, from very early in the morning, this market is open and ready for customers to come and buy. Along the avenue there are various stores as well as spaces that are claimed by the same vendors every weekend.

The Baratillo is a place that offers all kinds of artifacts, tools, clothing, and many other things that are second hand, although you can also find new items.

By ten am this place is completely full of people who are roaming around, up and down the whole avenue, looking for good deals on what they need.

You can also find a variety of food offerings here. The ladies who engage in gastronomy already have their established stands for each Saturday. You can find Rice with egg (arroz con huevo), chicharrones (deep fried pork), ceviche, and many more. They please the palate and the soul of many of the visitors to the market.

Where there is food, there will also be drinks. You can have a chicha morada (purple chicha) as well as chicha Blanca (white chicha). The women have prepared these by the bucked to slake thirst on any hot day.

One of the most sold items in the Baratillo is shoes. There are stores offering all kinds of foot ware. In order to find a good model people come early, six am, because these items quickly sell out and the price rises.

By five pm, while the sun is still shining even though its rays are getting very long, the picarones begin to appear to sweeten Saturday afternoon.

Finally, after a busy day in which those who have been in the Baratillo have had many conversations and much laughter, they close down the market until the next Saturday. They leave the Avenue clean so that cars can now circulate as they normally do.

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