The Andes Celebrates the Mothers Earth Day

In Latin America and in all its indigenous peoples, today August first is celebrated the day of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), in Cusco, this ancestral custom fills with gratitude to all Cusco and Andean people who participate in the offerings of gratitude.

On this 1st day of the month, life is tinged with colors and thanks to Mother Earth, wherever your steps and your sight take you, you will be able to observe vivid colors in motion, from the landscapes, the clouds, the sky blue, even the ceremonies that are lived in the houses, squares, huacas and tutelary apus that protect the entire imperial city. At these essential planes, people arrive bringing instrumental music and offerings. There, all those present intermingle, with great faith and gratitude in this ancestral Andean ritual.

This tradition is the living inheritance that our ancestors left us and that until now has been passed from generation to generation in time, the only purpose it has, is to be able to connect with the Pachamama in a reciprocal way between humanity and nature, thanking for the crops, the good weather, the animals and the abundance of the soil. It is a date to ask and bless the fruits that our Pacha Mama offers us.

Over time, the rituals and offerings were changing, taking different forms and enriching themselves with the cultural, historical and social legacies of different Andean communities. For the offerings on this special day, they are generally offered, candies of different flavors, coca leaves, chicha de jora, fetus of the flame, red wine, incense, palo santo, Andean grains and the inevitable yellow mixture.

The Pacha Mama is considered in the Andean world, as the supreme mother, that is why the indigenous peoples of the Andes in Peru, Argentina and Bolivia pay tribute to her since she is the universal feminine energy in time and space.

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