Tags Damage Inca Walls in Cusco

Once again Cusco suffered an attack on its cultural heritage. Inca walls were painted with graffiti, the tag “Koyos 16”.  This took place in 8 different points of the historic center: la Calle 7 Culebras, Calle Santa Catalina on the door of the main library, Calle Herrajes, Calle Triunfo y San Blas.  All were the same and had the same responsible parties.

Cusco Suffered an Attack on its cultural Heritage (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Cusco Suffered an Attack on its cultural Heritage (Walter Coraza Morveli)

According to local media the attacks took place between 2 and 3 AM Monday, ay 9th.  Security cameras captured the tagging.  The National Police along with the Regional Directorate have taken charge of the case to find the responsible parties.

Cusco is indignant about these vandal acts, especially because when this has happened before no responsibility was take to find the responsible parties and bring charges. The Regional Directorate of Culture held an emblematic ceremony where they began a campaign of preventive conservation of the representative stones called “Give Life to your Heritage” with the objective or raising the consciousness of the people of Cusco as well as visitors about the issue and the value of the stone walls.

Here are some of the images which will show you the attack on our cultural heritage.

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