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Tacos Have Taken Cuzco

Tacos are a dish that originated in Mexico’s gastronomy where it is a typical, defining food. It consists, as almost every one knows by now, of a round tortilla made from corn wrapped around a filling such as meat to which you can add a hot sauce, if you wish.

Tacos have now made their way all around the world, it seems. They are consumed all over the place as fast food. Even in Cusco you will find places that make and sell tacos to the public. Above the Plaza of San Blas there is a taco restaurant for tourists (Tacomania, Tandapata 917) and in other parts of the city you find stands dedicated to local people. The flavor of the tacos is no doubt different from those in Mexico, especially since the tortillas are bought in the supermarket and those are generally not made from corn.

In reality, to make the tacos, people use ingredients that are at hand. For example, the stands for local people use our rocoto to make the hot sauce instead of a Mexican chile. This gives it a different flavor. Nevertheless, the tortillas are the most important since without these you cannot call the resulting food tacos. These should be lightly cooked until they are soft and done such that you can roll them.

The taco stands for local people attend the public from midday. They fill with people since the opportunity to try something that is not from our city draws people. You can get tacos from 6 S/ with a filling of chicken, meat, chorizo, or also mixed meats. This all is also accompanied by salsa picante, hot sauce, and guacamole, which we love in Cuzco.

Of course, some of these places make better tacos than others. People prefer one over another depending on their tastes and who they think prepares the best tacos. On the other hand, some visitors to our country, such as from Mexico or the United States who may know one or another taco recipes may bring ingredients to make up more authentic tacos and their friends are amazed with the flavor.

Here is one popular place you can try: La casita de los tacos Mexicanos
Local de burritos
Roberto Acosta 103 – Magisterio (Av de la Cultura), Cusco, Perú

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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