Sweet and Delicious, Granadillas Provoke Delight

Attractive and Unprepossessing, the Granadilla

Attractive and Unprepossessing, the Granadilla

Cusco’s weather has changed. The rainy season has begun and, together with it, new fruit appears in the city’s markets. From different and beautiful valleys of Peru, the granadilla comes to Cusco. It arrives in large trucks that off load in the wholesale markets of the city, Cascaparo and Vino Canchón. From there it is distributed to the other markets.

Young people and adults take responsibility for getting the fruit to the different points of sale throughout the city. They carry the boxes of fruit on their shoulders and in wheelbarrows. The work is not easy. It takes a lot of sweat and effort to fulfill the goal of getting the fruit distributed throughout the city.

On its outside, it has an orange color, but one of those that you can only see if you watch the sun set as it colors the sky. It also has small brown spots and it is round. It peel is tough but once you pass it you find a light, white layer and within that are found some small black seeds that are united in a grey gelatinous delight. Its flavor is extraordinary and very sweet.

Scientists call the granadilla passiflora ligularis and it is related to the maracuya. Both are part of the passionflower family. It is also a native of the Andes.

The Granadilla is Sweet and Tasty
The Granadilla is Sweet and Tasty

In the markets the granadilla are very attractive. They look simple and yet are very attractive. People who go by cannot resist buying them. Since it is found in abundance in our city these days, you will see it on most major street corners. People put up a small business selling granadillas to those who pass by. They sell them by kilos and they range from 4/S – 5/S depending on the size of the fruit.

Many people anxiously await having a granadilla in their hands and to feel the unique pleasure of eating it. It is now for sale and people will enjoy the fruit whenever they want. Since its season has arrived neighborhood stores have the fruit and so no one has an excuse to not eat this treasure and avoid the hassle of going to the market.

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