Surface Studio, the New Range of Microsoft PCs

During the event MICROSOFT conducted this year, perhaps the most surprising news was the presentation of its new computer STUDIO SURFACE. Its structure is equal to that of an “all in one” because its components are integrated into the screen.

The approach adopted by Microsoft for Surface Studio is a computer for design professionals. Its external structure is very similar to that of an Apple iMac with an aluminum chassis and a large touch screen of 28 inches in a 3: 2 format with a resolution 4k, which is backed by a video card GTX 980M NVIDIA .

Surface Studio has a Core i7 processor sixth generation – Skylake, with four real cores supported RAM 32GB DDR4 and units of hybrid storage of up to 2 TB capacity ensuring you can meet each and every one of your needs with the Surface.

As expected Microsoft has paid great attention to its system of heat dissipation by relying on a set of active ventilation, thus keeping under control the powerful integrated hardware Surface.

Microsoft has sought to innovate on two major paths and has introduced new elements integrated into Surface. The first way is the accessory “Surface Dial” (a small cylinder), which allows us to put on display an interactive menu that can adjust with precision thanks to the haptic response that it includes. The second is the folding stand where the display is mounted. It allows us to adjust the height to work on it more comfortably besides supporting the styluses.

Microsoft has made a great effort to innovate in the sector in which it has been stagnant for many years, and can say that it has certainly achieved a result. Its product gives the best possible experience and perfect transactions in going from drawing to work or play. Surface is designed with almost no cables which is a solution that reduces wiring to a minimum.

There is no doubt that the Redmond giant has done an excellent job with Surface Studio. Though its price is not very economical; it is worth every dollar.

Surface Studio is here to stay pushing the user to a new way of working.  If you like design and drawing, Surface Studio is a good choice for your future PC.  Expect to see more about this incredible computer.

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