Sunny Days in Cusco

Birds begin to sing, announcing a new day. The sun comes out slowly, illuminating and giving color to the Imperial City. At the same time, people awaken and begin another day.

The sun shines under a blue sky and the clouds are scattered as the sun shares its warm rays with everyone. People look at the sky and realize that the day is going to be sunny. They leave home dressed in light clothing. After 9 AM the heat makes itself felt and people rush to find caps and dark glasses.

For their part, ice cream sellers in the street take advantage of the heat to roam through the city offering the people bites of cold. They move from one place to another pushing their medium sized carts filled with ice cream.

In the streets, among the people, you will also find people who sell fresh cold herb tea. The locate themselves on different street corners with medium buckets from which they pull out glasses of tea to offer people. Since the day is so hot, the people who go by opt to drink more than one refreshing glass full.

A Sunny Day in the City of Cusco
A Sunny Day in the City of Cusco

On awakening and seeing the beautiful day before them, some people decide to open a couple of bottles of chilled beer and share it with their friends. The enjoy the day conversing and listening to music. Meanwhile others opt for some kind of cold food such as ceviche.

When they see the skies completely clear and the sun illuminating the flowers and other plants in our gardens, many people fill with joy and, more than anything else, much energy and carry out the day’s activities impelled by that sense.

Children’s smiles combine beautifully with a glorious, sunny day. The young ones never stop playing while the sun reflects happiness on their faces.

This is just a small part of how the people of Cusco live when the weather shifts and sun dominates our days. It’s warm rays fill the whole day. The weather has a huge effect on us in Cusco.

A Flower in the Morning
A Flower in the Morning

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