Sundays at Saqsayhuaman, Exercise, Food, and Fun

Above Cuzco rests the archeological complex of Sacsaywaman. It id known for its massive, zigzag wall of finely cut, but immense stones. Yet the park of which it is a part also has grass park-like land that draws many people. Not only is this a place that draws tourists and visitors to its constructions of festivities such as Inti Raymi, it also is popular with the people of Cuzco throughout the year.

Making Huatia by Sacsayhuaman (Wayra)
Making Huatia by Sacsayhuaman (Wayra)

Sundays the city’s people tend to come up to the area of the archeological complex to spend time outdoors with their family. From around ten in the morning you will see that many people have already chosen a site and settled in on the grassy land. They often have a colorful umbrella and set up small or large ovens of clods to make a delicious huateada, oven dirt-oven baked food. The families make their preparations for lunch time. Some will have a traditional oven-baked chicken with a salad of cooked beets and the popular creme, mayonnaise.

While some people are preparing the huatia, others are having fun playing a range of sports, such as soccer (football) and volleyball. These are the most played sports in our city, On weekends every family plays a little bit of these majestic sports.

Hangin out by Saqsayhuaman (Wayra)
Hanging out by Saqsayhuaman (Wayra)

Sundays are also days when the young people as well as children and adults go running up to Sacsaywaman. At 4 amxerci you already see people warming up and dressed for cold getting ready to make the run up the side of the road out of the city and up to the archeologicaly site. People from Cusco’s northwestern zones begin their preparations at home and then jog up the hill. As always, the youths and kids gather before leaving and begin the run with laughter and a lot of noise. One of them always carries a soccer ball for later.

Weaving at saqsayhuaman(Wayra)
Weaving at saqsayhuaman(Wayra)

When they reach their goal, they begin stretching and doing basic exercises. Then, just as dawn arises the youths go to the big grassy areas of Sacsaywaman. There they challenge each other to games of soccer.

Other people do not just go up on Sundays. They go every day to train their bodies and minds with the rigors of the jog up the slopes to this sacred place.

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