Stray Dogs Roam Cuzco’s Streets

In Cuzco, there are dogs that have no home. They live in the streets. Everyday, you will see them roaming for the markets and garbage dumps hoping to find something to eat.

You will see many dogs roaming the streets of Cuzco. Some have homes and are just out for a spin and to greet their friends, while others live full time in the streets. It can be hard to distinguish between them. Nevertheless, some people will poison these defenseless animals so that they no longer have to suffer life in the street.

Some of the homeless dogs will go from house to house trying to see if people will give them a bowl of food. Other people see this and feel sad for the puppies and dogs who for the lack of a home go begging and decide to keep them in order to give them a better life,

Every year many of these dogs are killed to keep an overpopulation from developing in the city.

The other day more than fifty dogs were found dead from poison in Saqsayhuaman, one of the most important tourist destinations in our city.

The city’s people ask that dogs be sterilized and that it be prohibited to sell dogs in the streets, such as in the Baratillo Market. This is a place where people tend to go each Saturday to look for different goods. In it, puppies and other dogs are often sold. There are people who are dedicated to the specialization of selling puppies.

Every day you will see some of these street dogs roaming the streets with no direction and no home.

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